Tackling hunger and nutrition security

We care for our communities, so we’re always looking for ways that we can make a positive difference – the kind of difference that lasts lifetimes. Because when we provide hundreds of thousands of school kids across Australia with healthy breakfasts every day, we set them up with good eating habits for life. When we partner with organisations that help educate vulnerable families about healthy food choices, we’re building long-term health practices that get passed down through generations. And, as we continue to participate in the fight to end hunger, by donating food to households in need, we’re helping give children the nutrition they need for brighter futures.
Help solve Australia’s hidden hunger problem

Help solve Australia’s hidden hunger problem with Foodbank Australia, Kickstart for Kids and the Australian Red Cross. 20% of Australian children have experienced hunger in the past year. read more

Our partners

Sanitarium works closely with a range of charities to tackle hunger in Australia and overseas. read more

Helping out in times of crisis

Sanitarium is on hand to assist communities after natural disasters by providing emergency relief in the form of nutritious food and drink. read more

Breakfast for everyone

Every year, one In six Australians goes hungry. Sanitarium contributes to the fight against hunger on our own doorstep. read more

Lending a helping hand on the NSW Central Coast

Sanitarium donates to Coast Shelter, a non-profit that supports homeless people on the NSW Central Coast. Our staff also regularly volunteer there. read more

Responding to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

After Cyclone Pam hit the Pacific nation of Vanuatu in March 2015, Sanitarium and other food producers partnered to donate urgently needed products. read more

Foodbank’s Key Staples program

We support Foodbank Australia's Key Staples program, which produces free or subsidised food items for the charity sector. read more

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