Sustainable packaging

The need for recycling is well understood these days – but even so, far too much of the packaging of our food and other products is destined for landfill. Sanitarium’s food policy requires products to be in packaging that supports reduce/reuse/recycle, and is as environmentally benign as possible throughout its lifecycle.

Our Action Plan supports the Corporate Environmental Policy, which in practice means (among other things):

  • Sanitarium will develop, implement and review the environmental standards that apply to our product packaging.

  • Our “whole-of-chain” approach ensures all our employees are aware of, and take accountability for, minimising their environmental impact.

  • We engage with consumers through our website and product labelling, and with major suppliers through regular packaging reviews.

  • We ensure the proper handling and disposal of waste through segregation and collection of recycled material at our facilities, and supporting the creation of markets for material that would otherwise end up in landfill.

All packaging is reviewed against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, and suitably labelled to encourage and enable proper disposal.  Every effort is made to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging throughout the supply chain.

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