Helping local charities during the COVID-19 lockdown

As many Kiwis continue to struggle through the economic impacts of the recent COVID-19 pandemic the demand at local foodbanks has spiked considerably with many people experiencing food insecurity and seeking support for the first time.

City missions across New Zealand reported between a 160% - 400% increase during March 2020 and demand remains high.

At Sanitarium we're proud to support KiwiHarvest whose team of volunteers went above and beyond and adapted their supply chain in response to the food insecurity crisis in our country.

Over 1.4million serves of Sanitarium products were provided to help bulk the food parcels needed during these times of uncertainty.

KiwiHarvest distributes to over 280 charities nationally and were able to get supply out to those who needed it most. A hero story of New Zealanders coming together to support one another!

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