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    6 foods you need to ease muscle soreness naturally

    The pain is real. If you’re dreading walking up a flight of stairs after your first gym work-out, you’re not alone. To help get you back on the treadmill, our dietitians share a list of budget-friendly foods to help soothe aching muscle. read more

    A beginner's guide to healthy meal prep

    Search #mealprep on Instagram and you’ll be inundated with millions of recipes and ideas. It can be a little daunting (especially all those amazing photos of perfectly organised fridges), so if you haven’t prepped before, where do you start? We go back to basics with a step-by-step guide that will have you meal prepping like a pro, without giving up your whole weekend. read more

    Food in focus: mushrooms

    How much do you know about mushrooms? We’ve uncovered the many mysteries of this mighty veggie. read more

    What are fortified foods and are they good for you?

    Many foods in your shopping trolley are fortified – from bread to cereal to drinks. So which foods have vitamins and minerals added? And is it like taking a supplement? Here’s the facts on fortified foods. read more

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