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Information about good nutrition and the health benefits of a vegetarian diet
    Food in focus: Peanut butter

    From a family toast topper to health food darling. Peanut butter is back in vogue with celebrities and health-conscious Instagrammers smothering it on apple slices and dolloping it in smoothies and bowls. But is it actually good for you? read more

    Should you kiss calorie counting goodbye?

    We review the science behind the classic dieting concept of calorie counting to see if the evidence stacks up. Is it time to kiss calorie counting goodbye and if so, what’s the best approach to slimming down and staying healthy? read more

    Should you avoid carbs?

    With fad diets like low carb and keto dominating headlines, you might find yourself wondering if you should be ordering the bun-less burger. But what if your bread ban was doing more harm than good? read more

    Fact or fiction: does cooking your food remove nutrients?

    Could you be cooking the goodness out of your veggies? The raw food movement is based on a belief that cooking reduces the nutrients and could even be doing you harm. So, what’s healthier - cooked or raw? read more

    10 food rules to live by

    What you eat matters and every mouthful counts! read more

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