Mind articles

Care for your emotional wellbeing as well as you do for your body.
    Want to get

    From directions to dating, your mobile phone can do many things, but can it actually make you happy? We share the best apps on the market that will help put a smile on your dial. read more

    Stressed? The way you breathe can change your day

    Can taking a deep breath really make everything better? We check out the science about how breathing battles stress and share some simple stress-busting breathing techniques that anyone can try… read more

    10 foods that boost your brain power!

    When it comes to feeling great, a wholefood plant-based diet comes out on top. Fruits, vegetables and grains are ideal nosh to nourish your body and your brain. So, to help fend off the fuzzies and keep your memory sharp, give these 10 brain foods a try. read more

    Mood food

    what we feed ourselves can make a world of difference to how our brain functions and how we feel. read more

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