Sanitarium sponsors New Zealander of the Year

Sanitarium New Zealand is a proud sponsor of the Innovator of the Year Award 2017, which recognises inspiring Kiwis whose game-changing discoveries, research or inventions drive society forward. An innovation can be in a product, service, technology or process across any industry sector.

The three finalists for this year’s are award are:

Professor Ed Gane

Professor Ed Gane’s dedicated and innovative work has contributed to the development of a cure for Hepatitis C, a life threatening disease that currently affects over 50,000 New Zealanders as well as many millions of people worldwide.

Ed Gane believed a combination of new oral anti-virals held the key to successful treatment.

For a number of years, Dr Gane supervised meticulous drug trials on Kiwi volunteers with chronic hepatitis C. He trialled various combinations of different anti- virals until he finally got the results he was looking for.

Thanks to Professor Gane and his international colleagues’ innovative work and perseverance, almost everyone with hepatitis C can now be cured with a short course of tablets. The World Health Organisation recently announced that more than one million people have already been cured with these new drugs and that global eradication of hepatitis C should now be achievable within the next 30 years.

This outstanding advance in treatment of hepatitis C will have a future global impact at a similar scale that the Polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk has had since 1955.

Jamie Beaton/Crimson Education

Established in 2013, Crimson Education is a global leader in transformative and personalised education and mentoring. Co-founded by CEO Jamie Beaton, 21, Crimson embraces the belief that all students should have access to world-class education. The place in which you grow up and the experiences you have with education early on should not be the sole determinants of your academic trajectory, nor should they bar you from the world’s best learning and career opportunities.

Over the past few years, the Crimson Education Group has expanded its education offering of products and services, now supporting over 20,000 students and with a network of over 2,000 tutors and mentors worldwide.

In 2016 Crimson secured a Series B funding round of $US 30M that will see the company continue to drive its global expansion of its full-suite personalised education offering. Crimson currently operates across: Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the UK and US.

Frances Valintine/The Mind Lab by Unitec 

Frances Valintine is the Chair and founder of The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab.

As technology is transforming the way we live and work, Frances and the team at The Mind Lab are addressing the use of technology in the way we learn and teach.

Through nationwide Postgraduate Programmes, School Group lessons and School Holiday workshops, The Mind Lab prepares students to be collaborative, innovative and technically skilled for the high tech future. They provide educators in over 25 locations with the opportunity to extend their capability in new technologies and teaching practices that enhance student achievement, and bring education into the present day.

The programme’s flexible delivery makes it accessible to teachers, with considerable benefits for schools and students.

We wish our finalists good luck.The winner will be announced on Wednesday 22nd February in Auckland.

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