Profits for charitable purposes

Sanitarium Health Food Company was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Zealand in 1898 to promote and produce plant-based health foods. This is based on the Church's belief that plant-based diets are designated by God, our Creator, for the health of the human race.1 Worldwide, the Church operates health food industries and health-care services based on this philosophy.

Sanitarium’s enduring mission is to “share with our community health and hope for a better life”. As such the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Sanitarium continue to share an explicit common reason and purpose of existence.

Sanitarium is a leader in producing foods of the highest nutritional value and appeal. Our Corporate Nutrition team provides unbiased advice to consumers on our free call service through digital and media communication.  Sanitarium is often invited by government and the food industry for advice in developing food and industry policy and consumer education.  Our commitment to food, nutrition and health education dates back to the early 1900s, when cooking classes and nutrition lectures were held throughout New Zealand.  

In relation to Sanitarium's tax status, it is important to note:

  • Sanitarium is owned by the SDA Church in New Zealand. This means that Sanitarium’s profits are directed back to the Church for their work in our local communities.

  • Sanitarium pays all business related taxes including PAYE, FBT, and GST, however as a registered NZ charity is exempt from paying income tax.

  • The impact of Sanitarium’s investment into the health and wellbeing of New Zealand families is also felt through community projects such as:

    • The promotion of community health and wellbeing through the annual Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon in which over 300,000 Kiwi children have participated throughout the 24 years of the series.

    • Over 29,000 students in more than 930 New Zealand schools receive a nutritious breakfast of Weet-Bix and milk through the KickStart Breakfast program. Through the collaboration between Sanitarium, Fonterra and the NZ Government, the program enables 122,000 breakfasts to be served every week, helping to improve focus, behaviour and energy levels among students.

    • For over 25 years, the World Vision and Sanitarium Youth Ambassador program has inspired and challenged young people to unleash their voice to create a more equal world.

    • The ADRA Charity Fun Run which raises money for ADRA’s projects both nationally and internationally, and many family services and other community-based projects.

  • Sanitarium contributes economic and employment benefit to our community as a local New Zealand business.

1 Genesis 1:29


1 Genesis 1:29