Vegetarian eating

    Vegetarian diets - how good are they?

    How to get the goodness from vegetarian meals and some sample menus to try. read more

    Fruits and vegetables: do we really need to eat so many?

    Fruit and vegetables boost immunity, help reduce cholesterol and constipation and can help to protect against chronic disease. How much do we need to eat to get the benefits? read more

    Get more legumes in your life

    Legumes are packed with nutrients, fibre and antioxidants, and research shows they are one of the few foods consistently associated with living longer. read more

    Eating green - making it sustainable

    We know the importance of modifying our behaviour to protect the environment, but sustainable, ‘green’ eating is also crucial to our impact on the environment. read more

    Winter fruits and vegetables - tips for eating seasonally

    Eating seasonally has many benefits, not least of which is that fruit and veg tends to be cheaper as well as fresher. Let’s find out what’s in the shops for winter and how best to serve them! read more

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